Helping you to get your life back


I am a fully qualified registered Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Advanced EFT Matrix practitioner and trainer and Reiki Master/Teacher. I have many years experience working with clients using a combination of the varied qualified therapies available to me. In particular working with stress management, weight issues and child related issues.

Based upon many years experience of working with individuals with sensory and learning difficulties my inherent sensitivity and need to help others has been reinforced by my training as a hypnotherapist. In this role I have been able to help and guide people through many of the difficult problems and situations with which a modern stressful life can challenge us.

I have direct experience of being a single working parent negotiating the conflicts of personal ambition and family responsibilities, the trials and tribulations of early and advanced school years, further and higher education, the financial and career difficulties, the emotional highs and lows. This experience has provided me with a breadth of knowledge of strategies for coping with the many associated personal difficulties and conflicts which arise along the way.

These skills and experiences have, over time, led to the discovery within me of what I feel to be a quite unique set of capabilities which enable me to channel natural energy for the positive purpose of helping people through troubled times and then on to develop their full potential.

I can vouch personally for the astonishing and life changing effects of Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Matrix EFT. These practices have opened my eyes to the quite amazing natural powers which with skilled guidance we can all access and use to our benefit.

My work is solidly grounded 
on direct experience of the use of these therapies to dramatically heal and improve my life for the better. As a result I can help you to change, progress and develop

I now run a very successful practice meeting clients from across the complete age spectrum from young children displaying behaviour problems, with youngsters going through the difficult teenage years especially with anxiety due to exams and assessments. With young parents, those experiencing mid-life crises and on into work with the elderly experiencing the health problems of the 'senior' years.

I am available to see you at my practice in Worcester, give me a call for an informal chat on:  07814421136.