What is Hypnotherapy?

In my experience a great majority of people are fearful of hypnotherapy. They confuse stage hypnosis with hypnotherapy and are frightened of taking a step into the unknown, of relinquishing what they see as control of their lives and giving that control to a stranger. I can personally identify with that fear because before I discovered the benefits of hypnotherapy I too firmly believed that loss of control over my life was a real possibility and that, even if hypnosis had some value, I was too strong minded to be hypnotised. I was so wrong on both counts!

It was the experience of a close friend who had trained to be a therapist who convinced me to take the first step. At that time I had a number of phobias, which were beginning to have a serious effect upon my life. Panic attacks were preventing me from driving on the Motorway, a chronic fear of going to the dentists and a fear of heights, which meant that I could not climb a step ladder or take advantage of air travel without sedation. Whilst discussing these issues my therapist friend posed the question,

               "With all of these phobias do you really think, that at this moment, you are in control of your life?"

There could only be one answer. No!   

In that moment of realisation I took the first step in a direction which was to dramatically change my life for the better. My friend explained that effective hypnotherapy rather than taking away control puts the individual back in charge of their life and in my case this is exactly what happened. 

Whilst experiencing complete and wonderful relaxation I undertook a journey of discovery, and replacing old negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Under wonderful relaxed hypnosis, I dealt with these events so effectively that I became what I describe as a new person. I was so totally amazed at the life changing effects of such a short period of hypnosis, that I trained as a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist with the intention of helping others to release themselves from their own difficulties and phobias.