Does Reiki work with animals?

'Chi' energy affects all branches of the animal kingdom and when I discovered Reiki I found that I naturally possessed a heightened sensitivity to the needs of animals. The consequence of this is that have been drawn to help animals in distress. This has been a very successful and satisfying part of my practice. Now I am able through identifying and helping a pet, also relieve the upset of their distraught owner.

How can an animal be treated with Reiki?

The Reiki process is essentially one of soothing and healing but I also find that physical problems within the patient, often show themselves to me. This is true equally of cats, dogs and horses as it is 
of humans. This might seem to be a phenomenon beyond conventional wisdom but it does happen and on numerous occasions, I have been able to calm very distressed and injured animals to the point where a vet can attend them; Reiki can then help with the follow up healing process. This is a true complementary therapy carried out in conjunction with the veterinary profession.

What is animal Reiki like as an experience?

Animals have no preconceptions about therapies so in my experience they are instinctively open to 'Chi' energy and 
welcome help of this nature.

How are animals attended to?

Small animals have been brought to me 
at my practice, but for larger or sick animals which cannot be easily moved I have visited them in-situ. Reiki has proven to be very cost effective as it is usually over a short period of time and often avoids the need for expensive drugs. Improving the healing rate which can often reduce veterinary fees.